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About Us

We are excited to introduce a new travel website, Tripdooni.   The new Tripdooni website has been online and operational since January 2019.  This website has been designed based on its founders and its members’ experiences in the field of travel management, domestic and foreign tourism and travel agency management services.

The Tripdooni website covers all aspects of a trip, domestic or international, with ease of use for the travelers. The following covers some of the provided services at the website:

1- Domestic (Iran) hotel reservations 

2- International hotel reservations

3. Purchase of domestic flight tickets

4. Purchase of International flight tickets

5. Airport hotel booking at Imam Khomeini Airport

6. Reservation and purchase of train tickets in Iran

7- Reservation and purchase of bus tickets in Iran

8. Travel insurance

9. Transportation from airport

11. Find a Tour Guide ​​in Iran

12. Find a Tour Guide who is fluent in foreign languages ​​abroad

13. SIM card

14. Find Tours in Iran

15. Find Tours outside Iran

16. Identify, explore, and explain the tourist attractions in different regions

17. Visa

18. Specialized services such as coordinating and conducting B2B meetings, conferences, seminars, etc.

The Tripdooni design and provided services are based on scientific knowledge and expertise in the field of tourism. Our main priority is to attract foreign tourists to Iran.

The goal of the Tripdooni website is to provide the travelers around the world an easy way to choose their destination and the required services according to their taste, budget and schedule.

The designers of the Tripdooni website, by participating in more than 20 international B2B and B2C exhibitions in the field of tourism around the world and review and use of the latest technologies, have been able to provide their comprehensive services with ease of access and operation for the users.

We provide our customers 24-hours a day, 7 days a week services with the access to the best and most affordable travel deals around the world.

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