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  • What does TRIP DOONI System offer?
  • It offers all the packages of travel services, such as domestic and foreign flights, domestic and foreign hotels, train tickets, bus tickets, airport transfers, travel insurance, departure tax with the highest quality and best prices in this area, providing travel facilities, providing travel advice, obtaining visas, providing domestic and international tours. TRIP DOONI's Customers Club is another facility that tourists can soon take advantage of.

  • How to pay for services in this system?
  • Via credit card and online at TRIP DOONI gateway.

  • Is there a possibility to do a purchase on this system abroad?
  • You can shop around anywhere in the world with credit cards issued by Iranian banks.

  • Is there an extra charge to pay for online reservations on TRIP DOONI?
  • No, the online booking of this system does not include any additional charges.

  • What should we do if we encounter a payment problem after completing the process of purchasing and redirecting to the bank's site?
  • If for any reason your payment was not successful, but the money was deducted from your account, it usually returns to your account until 2:00 pm and you can do your purchase again. Should the money not be returned, contact our experts.

  • What if we faced a problem at any of the online shopping steps?
  • You can call the number 02172475 24/7.

     Flight questions

  • On what basis are the flights displayed?
  • Flights are sorted from the lowest to the highest price and displayed on the search page. You can also choose your flight by "Sort by price, airline, time, class and flight type."

  • Why are there different prices for a flight?
  • Prices are determined by airlines based on different flight classes.

    Why is that sometimes there aren't any results for the searches done? Based on your information, there may not be any empty seats available on any of the available flights.

  • How can I learn about the cancelation rules of a flight?
  • You can view the cancelation details on each flight, after searching for your flight and clicking the "Reserve" button on the search results page.

  • How do I get my ticket after completing my purchase?
  • After the payment is done, your ticket is displayed on the screen, you can print it by choosing the printer option above the page. Also, an electronic ticket will be emailed to you.

  • What should I do if I have not received my confirmation email and my ticket?
  • If the ticket has not been sent to you after completing the purchase steps, first check the Junk, Spam and Promotion sections of your email to make sure that the email has not entered these folders. Should you not find it in those folders, contact our support team. They will investigate the cause of the problem and send you a ticket.

  • Can I see my purchased ticket or voucher if I have not signed up?
  • You will be sent an e-mail that is issued by the passenger who issued the ticket or voucher at the ticket issue.

  • What should I do if I need to change or cancel my ticket?
  • For systematic flights, you can change or cancel your ticket by paying a fine, according to the Civil Aviation Organization. This is possible through our system.

  • How can I get a refund after cancellation?
  • The money will be refunded to your account in 72 hours for systematic flights. Contact our support team for non-refundable flights.

  • Is it possible to change the name of the passenger after buying a ticket?
  • No, it's not possible to change or modify the passenger's name. If a change occurs, you must cancel the purchased ticket and issue a new ticket.

  • After completing the purchase process, the amount has been deducted from my bank account, but I encountered an error message instead of showing the ticket, how should I follow the it through?
  • If your purchase fails, it usually takes up to two hours for the money to return to your account. Otherwise, contact support to follow it up.

  • How can I know if the airline has changed or canceled its flight?
  • In case of airline's notification, you will be notified via SMS or email. Therefore, you need to be careful about entering your valid personal information.

  • What is the permissible amount of luggage per passenger?
  • The amount of permissible amount per flight is determined according to the rules of the airlines.

      Which terminals should I go to for domestic flights from Tehran?
    • Terminal 1: Kish Air, Zagros
    • Terminal 2: Iran Air, Iran Air Tour, Ata, Qeshm Air, Maidan and Oil
    • Terminal 3: Mahan, Caspian, Sky, Taban, Atrak and Sepahan

  • How long before the flight should I be present at the airport?
  • l

    You must be at the airport at least 1 hour before domestic flights and 3 hours before foreign flight. Please note that the counter will be closed 40 minutes before the flight.

  • What documents are needed to board a plane?
  • When flying domestically, tickets and national cards are required. Passports, visas (if required) and tickets are required for all passengers for foreign flights.

  • Is a printed ticket issued to receive a flight card required?
  • In domestic flights it is not required. A valid identification card (national card) is sufficient to receive a flight card, but it is recommended that you bring a ticket or a photo of it. A printed copy of the purchased ticket is required in case you may want to cancel your flight.

  • What is a PNR code?
  • The reference code for tickets issued by airlines. Passengers can check their information and flights anywhere in the world using this code. This code is written above the tickets.

  • Where do we get the damages claim form?
  • I'm the terminal, you should go to the luggage department of the airline company which has caused damage to your luggage and apply for a claim.

    • Do young children need a birth certificate to travel?
    • - Each airline will determine the birth certificate requirements for young children. Contact your airline before traveling to determine if there is a unique policy regarding this matter

      - Young children under the age of 18 do not have to provide birth certificates for domestic trips. Airlines will accept the identity card from the adult responsible for that child. For foreign trips, minors under the age of 18 must carry the same travel documents that adults do.

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